The leader of the Annual Ryegrass Movement

Saddle Butte Ag is a family owned and operated seed company, established by Don and Maryanne Wirth and located in the heart of the "Grass Seed Capital of the World" Tangent, Oregon. We market a wide variety of both proprietary and common, turf and forage products to retail markets as well as national and international wholesale customers. With over 30 years of experience in production, processing, packaging and shipping: our customers can be assured of the highest quality of seed possible.

In 2002 the company saw the opportunity to expand into another enterprise - cover crops. While representing the Oregon Ryegrass Growers at their exhibit in the Louisville Farm Show, a farmer approached Don and asked if he had ever looked at the deep rooting on Annual Ryegrass. This got Don interested in taking a closer look at Ryegrass as a possible cover crop product. After meeting with the Ryegrass Commission it was decided to launch a research program to evaluate the benefits of Annual Ryegrass as a cover crop - and the rest is history.

Saddle Butte Ag started marketing a blend of three ryegrass varieties. At the time ryegrass was used predominately in the Southern states as a pasture grass, and there was very little information on how it would perform further North. We thought that with a blend of various varieties that in the worst case scenario at least a portion would survive. After two years of field evaluations across the Midwest, it was apparent there were differences in winter survival rates among various varieties. In 2005 the Ryegrass Commission initiated a three year study to evaluate how the various varieties could handle the Midwest winters. Mike Plumer with the University of Illinois Extension, conducted the three year trial. At the conclusion of the trials it was confirmed that our Bounty variety was a superior Annual Ryegrass that would perform throughout the Midwest. With an extensive promotional campaign by the Oregon Ryegrass Commission and years of data compiled by Mike Plumer, and the willingness of the no-till community to "try something different," Annual Ryegrass has become the foundation of most cover crop programs today.

In 2009 it became apparent that Annual Ryegrass wasn't the only cover crop of interest to the no-till community. At that time we trademarked the name Bio-Till to include all of our various cover crop products. Since, we have continually added new products and introduced five new mixes to our lineup. Saddle Butte Ag has consistently been in the forefront of the cover crop market, and remains committed to helping our customers achieve higher returns through more productive soils.