Annual Ryegrass is a preferred forage grass for livestock. Annual Ryegrass has the ability to produce quality forage that will not go dormant through the winter and will produce forage into spring. Annual Ryegrass germinates in 7-10 days; it is often over seeded on pastures to produce flush of growth while the ground is warm. Annual Ryegrass can be planted on existing sod, burned stubble or land not prepared. It can be planted under unfavorable conditions, either dry and wait for moisture, or when wet. Annual Ryegrass can recover rapidly after grazing or heavy traffic conditions.

Florlina Annual Ryegrass

Florlina is a high yielding forage with a crude protein of 28.3%. It is also cold tolerant and crown rust resistant.

Bounty Annual Ryegrass

Bounty is a highly palatable forage annual ryegrass. It is highly digestible with good to excellent protein levels. Also, it has the ability for deep root penetration. Bounty was selected for rust tolerance as well as cold tolerance.