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Annual Ryegrass is rapidly becoming the cover crop of choice for producers throughout the Midwest. It is easily established and can be seeded by drilling, broadcast or aerial seeding. It can significantly increase crop yields, especially during stress years. Shown to drastically reduce soybean cysts nematode, Annual Ryegrass is very versatile and one of the best all-around cover crop species. It is recommended in many mixes or as a stand-alone cover crop.

Don't confuse annual ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum) with cereal rye (Secale cereale). Just by looking at their names you can see the difference. How they grow and how they can be utilized as a cover crop are different. Briefly, annual ryegrass has a finer and more extensive root system than cereal rye. Cereal rye has more above ground (or top growth) than annual ryegrass. For more information on the differences between annual ryegrass and cereal rye click here.

Bounty Annual Ryegrass is a consistent, proven variety with an excellent history of winter hardiness and superb rooting depth. For full termination guidelines, refer to the Annual Ryegrass Management Guide produced by the Oregon Ryegrass Commission.

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  • Strong winter hardiness
  • Early root development
  • Very good for grazing and forage harvest
  • Not allelopathic to corn
  • Excellent control of Marestail