Weather Whiplash

In our area (Central IL) we have had an interesting Spring - huge rain event a few weeks ago (7"+), up and down temps, dust storm 2 days ago and raining now.  It was very nice the last few days - sunshine and pleasant temps so most finished planting in our area.


These are the times cover crops a very appreciated.  They held soil very good with the heavy rains and during the wind/dust storm.  I just planted my soybeans into terminated annual ryegrass and triticale mix.  The soil conditions were excellent- mellow/slight moist and tons of biology (earthworms, etc..).  Another plus was very little weed pressure - just had burndown on 4/18 and still very clean.  I have talked to several of you and some customers that have had some nice success planting into green covers this year as well.  Many commented how good the soil conditions were. 

I was also just pondering even with the extra management, patience and sometimes extra stress it takes with trying to be a good steward of the soil by using cover crops, reducing tillage, not compacting soil, etc.. it is well worth it especially after a couple these wild weather events.

Our Bio-Till cover crop team is happy to assist if you have any questions.
~ Brian Wieland