Antler Chicory is an excellent addition to either livestock pasture mixes or wild plots. It is drought tolerant and will provide grazing even when it becomes reproductive. If the plant makes seed in wildlife plots, the upland birds will readily feed on the seed. If it makes seed in any application it will make a thicker stand the following season. It will establish under moderate shade the following spring. Int rials, Antler will produce 11-13% more forage than Brow-Tine chicory.

  • Excellent palatability (large smooth leaves high on stem, even at reproduction)
  • Antler chicory has consistently out yielded other varieties of chicory in forage trials
  • Resistant to disease
  • Antler chicory persists well
  • Antler Chicory has anthocyanins in high percentage of vegetative leaves and stems
  • Excellent for animal health