Windham Peas are an excellent peas for producing nitrogen. They are a semi leafless short stature pea. Windhams were selected for cold tolerance, which makes them excellent for cover crop application. They make an excellent combination with Bounty Annual Ryegrass to produce and store nitrogen. Windhams have also been blended with Enricher Radish, be we believe that the Bounty makes a better combination with the most benefit. Windham is also a great yielder of pea seed. Animals fed peas in the finishing ration are proven to be more tender meat.

WWII Maple Peas are a standard full leaf forage pea. They are an excellent source of protein with a high forage yield. They are also beneficial in adding nitrogen to the soil.

TS7 Peas are a spring to summer forage pea from New Zealand. They produce a good volume of forage which can be made into hay. TS7 Peas work excellent when planted with an oat or other grain for forage. If inoculated they do an excellent job of fixing nitrogen.

Planting rates: As a sole component - 100 lbs/ac; as part of a cereal grain mix - 30-60 lbs/ac