Boston Plantain thrives and persists in a wide range of soil types and climatic zones. The genetic material sourced for the breeding of Boston is extremely drought resistant and also cold tolerant. Boston has a smaller seed than other plantains on the market (up to 25% more seeds per kg), allowing for a lower sowing rate.

Boston is suited to high producing pastures and also suits drier regions and less fertile conditions. With its deep root system, Boston has the ability to respond quickly after dry summer conditions. Because it is a later flowering plant Boston can significantly extend the period of productvie growth in the summer period.

  • Rapid to establish
  • Remains vegetative longer into the summer months due to late flowering
  • Drought and cold tolerant
  • Small seed size allowing low sowing rate
  • Early Spring growth
  • Deep rooted perennial herb with the ability to access minerals from deep in the soil profile
  • Erect, dark green, broad leaves

Planting rate: As a sole component - 10 lbs/ac; as part of a grass mix - 3-4 lbs/ac